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  • Monday, 28 July 2014
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Welcome to Life Sciences Education

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Harvard offers a broad range of exciting opportunities for undergraduates to explore the diversity of living systems. Students enter the life sciences through a set of interdisciplinary foundational courses and then pursue a more specialized plan of study in one of nine concentrations. From neurobiology to stem cells, from chemistry to evolutionary biology, undergraduates can explore the interesting and important questions of the life sciences. We emphasize hands-on experiences and encourage students to engage in original research in any of the more than 1000 faculty laboratories that are affiliated with Harvard. We offer a variety of resources to support students, including a team of dedicated advisors who help students navigate coursework, research opportunities, and life beyond Harvard.

Announcements for Everyone

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Office Hours

Whether you a pre-concentrator or a declared Life Sciences concentrator, we invite you to meet with a Life Sciences advisor for help in planning your course schedule.  Click below to see contact information and advising hours for: