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  • Sunday, 20 April 2014
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Harvard offers a broad range of exciting opportunities for undergraduates to explore the diversity of living systems. Students enter the life sciences through a set of interdisciplinary foundational courses and then pursue a more specialized plan of study in one of nine concentrations. From neurobiology to stem cells, from chemistry to evolutionary biology, undergraduates can explore the interesting and important questions of the life sciences. We emphasize hands-on experiences and encourage students to engage in original research in any of the more than 1000 faculty laboratories that are affiliated with Harvard. We offer a variety of resources to support students, including a team of dedicated advisors who help students navigate coursework, research opportunities, and life beyond Harvard.

Announcements for Everyone

Undergraduate Research Opportunity


We are searching for an undergraduate student who might be interested in carrying out a senior thesis research project in our lab.

The project would be on studying differences in recombination patterns among great apes, based on an assay we now have working in which we can we can isolate single sperm from semen samples we have from chimpanzees, humans, bonobos and orangutans, and map all their recombination events.

The ideal applicant is someone interested in human evolution and human biology, but also someone with quantitative and computational skills (e.g. can program and use Unix).

We have funds to cover a stipend.

Please write to David Reich (reich@genetics.med.harvard.edu) and Nadin Rohland (nrohland@genetics.med.harvard.edu) if you are interested.

Mentor youth in Allston-Brighton

Harvard undergrads:  apply to mentor Allston-Brighton youth in science, math, writing, public speaking, and the arts at the Harvard Allston Education Portal. 

Each year mentoring awards are given to approximately 25 undergraduates in Harvard College to provide mentoring to Allston-Brighton youth in science, math, writing, public speaking, and the arts at the Ed Portal.  Undergraduates go through a rigorous application and selection process. Mentors are committed to the vision of the Ed Portal to share their enthusiasm and knowledge with youth from the community. 

Under the direction of Professor Robert Lue, Faculty Director of the Ed Portal, Harvard Allston Mentors with backgrounds in the sciences, mathematics and/or writing engage with children of a variety of ages and backgrounds, boosting their interest in and encouraging further exploration of these topics. 

To learn more and apply, visit the Ed Portal website

Application deadline:  April 25 for Summer and Fall 2014 sessions

Polycystic Kidney Disease Symposium

PKD Syposium 2014

The 2014 PKD Symposium will be held on Monday, May 12th, 2014 from 8:00 AM-5:00 PM in the Bray Room at the Joseph B. Martin Conference Center.

Follow this link for registration.

This symposium is organized by the Harvard Center for Polycystic Kidney Disease Research. We will update you with the most recent advances in the PKD field and progresses made by members of the PKD Center at several Harvard Institutions in the past year.

The symposium will focus on the molecular mechanisms underlying PKD. Topics covered:
·       New PKD genes
·       Protein transport within the cilia
·       Calcium signaling in the primary cilia
·       Cilia ties the eye and the kidney
·       Induced pluripotent stem cells and cystogenesis
·       The inversin compartment, a ciliary subdomain and disease
·       Cysts and the actin cytoskeleton
·       Metabolic dysregulation in cyst pathogenesis in tuberous sclerosis complex
·       Glycosphingolipids in PKD
·       New Therapeutic Horizons in ADPKD
·       Current clinical trials in PKD

All undergraduate, graduate students, medical students, residents, clinical and research fellows, physicians and basic science faculty members who are interested in kidney disease, cilia or epithelial biology would benefit from attending this conference. Registration is free but seats are limited. So please register online by click on the link Polycystic Kidney Disease Symposium 2014.

I look forward to seeing you all at the Symposium,

Jing Zhou, M.D., Ph.D. 
Center for Polycystic Kidney Disease Research 
Harvard Medical School 
Brigham and Women's Hospital, Children's Hospital, Massachusetts General Hospital, Beth Israel-Deaconess Medical Center

Office Hours

Whether you a pre-concentrator or a declared Life Sciences concentrator, we invite you to meet with a Life Sciences advisor for help in planning your course schedule.  Click below to see contact information and advising hours for: